Konstantin Komarov

Practical Work in Systema

San Diego Systema

10:00am - 4:00pm, September 14-15, 2013

Major Konstantin Komarov's teachings come from his extensive experience in the military and police force, combined with his knowledge of the physical and psychological aspects of combat. In this unique seminar held at San Diego Systema, Konstantin will help us explore the combination of the body and mind in practical, real world conflicts. Join us in looking at how conflict differs from mat training. Often we are not the focus of an attack, and the seminar will also be addressing how to deal with attacks against your family or friends.

Konstantin Komarov
  • Retired Major in the Special Service Police Force
  • Served with both GRU and elite MVD Spetsnaz units
  • Russian Military Reconnaissance
  • PhD in Combat Psychology
  • Master Instructor of Ryabko Systema

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