Breathing, relaxation, movement, structure: the principles of Systema combine to form an effective combat art. Your body's natural movements are trained through drills and sparring, without fixed katas or set techniques.

A battlefield tested art used by the Russian Special Forces (Spetsnaz), Systema is a complete system not just for soldiers but for anyone seeking better health, safety, and enjoyment of life.

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San Diego Systema News

Outside Classes

On Wednesday July 29th training will be held outside at the school. Please dress for outdoor training with comfortable shoes.

The Saturday August 1st Systema class will be at Tecolote Park, The meeting place is the grassy area behind the basketball courts at Tecolote Rec Center, which is 1 mile from the school: View the Google Map

Usual class times. Wear comfortable shoes, clothes that you can roll around in the dirt/grass in.

2015 Schedule

Starting in January, the focus for classes will rotate every 2 weeks, with occasional wild-card classes mixed in. The rotations will cover:

  • Movement
  • Striking
  • Ground Fighting
  • Joint Work
  • Throws
  • Weapons
  • Legs
  • Mulitple Attackers
  • and more


Monthly Focus

This month rather than focusing on a single topic, we will be working on tying the various subjects together. Classes will combine work on:

  • Striking
  • Joint Work
  • Take-downs and Throws
  • Legs Work
  • Movement
  • Ground Fighting
  • Multiple Attackers
  • Weapons
  • Psyche
  • Breathwork
  • and more…


As the holidays approach please keep an eye on the Facebook page, Twitter feed, and website. Schedule changes will be posted in all three locations.

November Classes: Movement / Rolling / Falling

A sampling of the topics that will be covered are:

  • Systema walking
  • Moving from standing to the ground and back
  • Escaping on any level and between levels
  • Slipping contact with movement, being sticky
  • Avoiding sticks, chains, knives
  • Pendulum movement of avoiding and entering
  • Moving within multiple attackers
  • Ground movement
  • Front and back rolls
  • Falling softly

October Classes: Leg Work

A sampling of the topics that will be covered are:

  • Redirecting attackers via kicks to the legs
  • Finishing work with the feets
  • Using the feet like hands on the ground
  • Protection against kicks
  • Redirecting kicks and steps with your legs
  • Foot trapping and lower leg locks
  • Protecting your knees