Cat Strada runs the Systema and Aikido/Systema Hybrid programs for San Diego Systema and Jiai Aikido Dojo, located in San Diego, CA.  Cat is a 4th Dan  Sensei in aikido, started Systema in 2007, and on the path to be a Certified Systema Instructor.

Cat started both arts in 2007 under Certified Instructor Jeff Sodeman, founder of San Diego Systema. She has hosted various seminars by sought after Instructors at her dojo, as well as traveled to train with world renown Instructors including Vladimir Vasiliev, and to Moscow, Russia, to train with Mikhail Ryabko at the Systema / Aikido Bridge Seminar.

Cat started martial arts at Jiai Aikido Dojo in San Diego where she has been Dojo Cho since 2011. She is a Member of Aikido Shimbokukai, on their Weapons Committee, and holds the title of  Fukushidoin.  Some of her influences and inspiration include her student, and Vladimir Vasiliev, Mikhail Ryabko, Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan, Jeff Sodeman Sensei, Lisa Tomoleoni Shihan, Morihiko Murashige Shihan, and Mary Heiny Shihan.

Cat Strada, Instructor